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Venture capital investments are investments in young companies looking for a scalable business model.
The main reason is profitability. Venture investments are the highest-yielding asset in the world, and successful venture capitalists sit densely on Forbes lists.

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Why are people investing in venture capital?

To understand the order of figures: the first investments in Google were only $100,000, in Facebook $500,000, and in Apple $150,000. Today, even minimal stakes in these companies are worth tens of billions of dollars. The current capitalizations of Apple and Google exceed a trillion dollars, and Facebook's capitalization is $600 billion.
Yes, these are exceptional cases. But the venture business is entirely built on exceptions, so the examples are appropriate.

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Why are Venture Capital investments relevant now?

Most sectors of the stock market are subject to risks due to many factors, when markets fall - experienced investors prefer to stay in the currency, but over time their capital decreases due to huge inflation and then they come to other options.
One of the few potential and high-yielding options remains the acquisition of OTC assets in the venture capital stage. With AM Capital, you can start investing in venture-stage companies with high return potential.

Famous examples of venture capital companies

Uber International Taxi Service

Launched in 2009, today it operates in seventy-six countries. Uber shares are traded on the stock exchange, and the company's capitalization is $64 billion. However, back in 2010, Uber was valued at $4 million in the angel round. Uber's value has grown 16,000 times in eight years.

Zoom video conferencing service

Zoom was founded in 2009 and today has 750 thousand users. Shares of Zoom are traded on the stock exchange, the company's capitalization is $24 billion. The company's valuation at Series A was a thousand times less and was $24.5 million. Seven years have passed since then.

Airbnb private rental service

In fact, it's the same as Uber, only for renting homes instead of ordering cabs. Airbnb launched in 2008 and is now valued at $35 billion, one of the few venture capital firms to have positive operating margins. The company's valuation in the angel round was $2.5 million. It has grown by a factor of 14,000.

Slack corporate instant messenger

Slack launched in test mode in 2013 and went public in early 2014. The valuation at the last venture round was $7.1 billion, the current capitalization on the stock exchange is $12 billion.At Series A, the company was valued at $23.5 million, which is three hundred times less than the current values.

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Transparency of deals

Since it is quite difficult to accurately assess the value of the company at the pre-IPO stage, there is no one price for all. There are cases when a fund sells the same asset to its clients at different prices, thinking that the client will not find out.Going to the AM Capital Platform, you will see that we do not hide the price of the asset, but rather put it on public display.

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Accessibility for investors

You don't need a huge initial capital and qualified investor status to buy assets on AM Capital's platform.You already have entry options available for a small amount, which competitors offer for consideration with checks from $50,000 to $100,000.

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AM Capital is a Licensed, Audited Platform, registered in the UAE and has a representative in the Russian Federation. We are very careful about the safety of our investors, so we rejected the Offshore, unregulated jurisdictions.

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High liquidity

One of the disadvantages of investing in non-public companies is the liquidity of your investment - to sell your asset, you or the broker must first find a buyer. Without that, the sale won't happen. Often, brokers are reluctant to help clients find new buyers, making the investment uncertain in time.

Н​On the AM Capital platform we offer 4 methods of fixing the position:
- Day-ahead fixing;
- Resale of your securities through the notice board on the AM Capital platform;
- Fixing profit after the investment round on the initiative of AM Capital analysts;
- After the company's IPO

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All on the platform

Investments in venture capital projects are not as convenient as investments in stock trading. Often venture capital is associated with grueling verifications, a huge number of long paper contracts, a lot of wasted time and no real-time personal account where an investor can see the dynamics of his portfolio.But at AM Capital we value our investors' time - because time is the only thing money cannot buy! On our platform, the time you spend from registration to purchase takes no more than 3 minutes. We do not ask for documents which are not required of us by the regulator. For convenience, we have developed and implemented a convenient, informative and multi-functional personal account, through which the investor can always know his own income, and if necessary - to fix a position ahead of time and cash out funds.

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Affiliate Program

AM Capital appreciates the work with partners and is focused on long-term cooperation. We have developed a 2-level affiliate program for our partners where your referrals are taken into account and on the basis of your sales the payments are made once a month.

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